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High-speed internet access arrives in meeting rooms

The moment meeting planners have been waiting for is here — nearly every meeting room in Hyatt hotels and resorts in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean will be outfitted with high-speed Internet access by the end of 2001. This new initiative is part of a wholly integrated strategy that will deliver uncompromised information and technology support services as well.

Making sure your meetings "click"
"Once installed, we can say with confidence that every meeting room in the company will provide access. We will be able to meet meeting planners' needs, regardless of how simple or complex," says Bob Bansfield, assistant vice president of Management Information Systems for Hyatt.

Fred Shea, vice president of Sales Operations, explains how this technology will change the face of meetings. "This new technology allows groups to access their own databases or web sites, or even stream live video through the Internet. As meetings become more high tech, they become more interactive. For example, now medical groups will be able to remote view a live surgery that takes place in a medical facility in real time at any Hyatt," he says.

In terms of technology, the T1 line has been adopted as Hyatt's minimum standard of speed. For more demanding Internet needs, such as those required by trade shows or exhibitions, a T3 solution is being researched and will be available on an as-needed basis. All lines and circuits through which the voice and data will be running are owned and operated by telecommunications giant AT&T.

One of Hyatt's major partners in implementing this strategy is Core Communications, a company that was founded to address the demand of highly complex networking activity in the function space of convention-based hospitality properties. David Giannini, founder and CEO, explains that it's a shared philosophy that makes the relationship between Hyatt and Core work so well. "Pioneers make wonderful heroes, but first adopters always fail," Giannini says. "Hyatt has had a very prudent strategy of assessing the current state of technology, and they hold the same beliefs that Core does — we do not beta-test new technology on customers. We implement battle-tested technology that we know can deliver the kind of service guests deserve."

Another important aspect of Hyatt's approach to access is recognizing the need for security. A managed network solution will allow meeting attendees to access their local area network (LAN) or virtual private network (VPN) over a completely secure line, protecting valuable company data.

BROWSING the future
As technology becomes smarter and faster, you can be assured that Hyatt will remain on the cutting edge — but not at the cost of quality control. "Service drives technology, not the other way around," Giannini says. "The number one objective is to improve the overall meeting experience of Hyattıs clientele so that they keep coming back." Get connected at your group's next meeting by asking the property you're visiting about Hyatt's high-speed Internet access for meetings.

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